Dawn’s Early Light

The new book is out and looks awesome. Many years ago I undertook research on the technologies of the ancient world. Amazingly, many artifacts reveal ancient man had a high degree of knowledge in mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, mechanics and engineering, and overall science.  Recently an artifact was discovered many thousands of years old, with trignonometry on it more advanced and accurate than modern trig.

All over the world, sites both above ground, below and even underwater, reveal the advanced capabilities of ancient man. One set of human fossil footprints of a running man were so far apart, the owner had to be running faster than Usain Bolt. Considering these were on untrained legs, one has to wonder what capacity he might have achieved. Stories about of ancient warriors, the Spartans for one, who could march for many hundreds of miles in full armor. Legends of Roman soldiers abound with average soldiers exceeding the stamina of modern athletes.

Recently a video about ancient animals showed how a particular sauropod dinosaur’s neck alone would have weighed over forty tons (if using modern gravity).  Based on common metrics for determining sizes, the largest land animal today could get no larger than twelve tons, which perfectly intersects to the largest known elephants.  What does this mean? If dinosaurs were to rule the earth, the gravitational attraction of Earth had to be different back then. If we take a step back and look at why things grew so large, even animals we consider small today, lower gravity makes perfect sense, yet flies in the face of modern models.

What if an adventure took us into this world with all these things as a backdrop?

All that said, in “Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome” by John Sanford, we learn the truth of genome decay over generations. We are not getting better, but moving toward extinction. Biblically speaking, this dovetails with the understanding that our current Creation has a shelf-life, and was always a temporary abode.  It will be replaced by a new heaven and new earth.

Sanford’s assertion, proven with science, the behavior of genetics, and countless observations, is that genetic decay is ever-present, is active in our bodies now (it is why we age and die) and the decay appears over generations, each new generation being less functional than the last. He points out that in the Bible, the first recorded men were quite old, and the ages of men declined through Abraham and then to David. If we put these dates in a spreadsheet and measure them, they are only the tiniest fraction off-tolerance of an exponential decay curve. We are left with the question – were the Bible’s pens merely writing down “what happened”, or did they have access to the exponential decay curve algorithm and applied it to the numbers, over a millennia? And if they did so, what would be the purpose? The easiest answer is – they simply recorded history as they encountered it.

This means however, the genomes around us will (and are) exhibiting a loss-of-function, not a gain of function, and rather than getting upwardly better, they are all declining toward extinction – yes – even humans.

It also flies in the face of evolutionary assertions, that humans are getting better. He points out that any given gene is bound in an unbreakable chain of genes, and these are in unbreakable clusters, and the clusters are multi-nested. Even if one of these genes exhibited a “good” mutation, it could not be pulled out and set apart. It would arrive with a tsunami of “bad” mutations that cannot be removed (they are in unbreakable chains).  How then can natural selection cherry-pick the good genes from the bad when it can only eliminate individuals, not particular genes? Of course, it can’t do this, no matter how much one might believe it can.  In short, natural selection has no access to the genes to make such “good” changes stick, or to eliminate bad changes. They all arrive at once, and considering the bad ones eclipse the good ones, this can’t end well.

Recently a genetic editing experiment allowed the scientists to perform detailed genetic editing using electromagnetic waves. Strange to tell, the DNA molecule can behave like an electrical antenna, send and receive signals. If this is all it takes to perform genetic editing, the science is fairly straightforward. Imagine if a person sitting next to you had detailed knowledge of the human genome, detailed knowledge of which electrical signals can affect it, and detailed knowledge of how to build devices to affect it, you aren’t very far away from being a crack genetic editor.

A theme of the Once Upon A Time…Traveler series is the influence of the Fallen Angelic host upon mankind, and the knowledge they brought with them to corrupt mankind.

The Bible does not say that the purpose of the Flood was to destroy mankind for wickedness. If this is true, it failed miserably.  No, the stated purpose was “the corruption of the flesh” (more later). The only way “flesh” can “corrupt his way” – what is the “way” or “path” of the flesh if not its genetic path? How did these get corrupted? Through cross-breeding? Doubtful this would have created an “irreversible” trend in genetics.  Yet there it was, corrupted flesh in the humans (Nephilim) and corrupted flesh in the land-based animals. The only thing that could stop such runaway corruption would be a global flood. This is why God’s answer to the problem is physical rather than spiritual. It is a physical problem requiring a physical answer.

The underpinning theme of “Dawn’s Early Light” therefore, is the “early light” of man, at the dawn of man’s existence. Rather than the dawn peeking over the horizon, the dawn of man exploded, with its best and brightest minds it would ever have. And would apply their minds to extraordinary technologies and achievements. Dawn’s earliest light, for mankind, was its brightest light, and had angelic assistance in expanding and using it.

As our heroes are immersed into the pre-Flood world, they encounter extraordinary technologies, structures and science.

Also, I have been enamored with certain theories about the Earth’s near history, myths and legends rising from the “mists of time”. These are lot of fun to dive into, as long we know where the boundaries are. One of these theories suggests the planetary configurations were very different not too many thousand years ago. Ancient man attributed human characteristics to the planets and revered them as gods. I weave some of this through the storytelling, with the understanding that it’s a fictional account on my part.

Another big theme is how the spirits transcend every generation as an eternal being. What if we traveled time to within a hundred years of the Creation, and happen to encounter some evil spirits along the way? We then come back to the future and the spirits remember us from way-back-when. We wouldn’t have to worry about such things if the only beings we will encounter are humans, because they will be dead by the time we return to the future.

Another aspect of being able to travel time, is we should be able to know the time of the Rapture, right? Jesus said no man knows the day nor hour, and I believe him, so this part of time travel could fly in the face of Christ’s assertion. In the book series is the concept of the Dead Zone, a three-week window of time, that floats on the timeline, and there’s no information available inside it. As you may know, the time travel technology “reads” data from the timeline and uses it to map coordinates and anchor points for a jump through space or time. The Dead Zone provides no such information, so we can’t jump in, nor jump out. Once inside the Dead Zone in real time, nothing will stop a person destined to be raptured, from being raptured. Likewise for those left behind.

My children contributed to the storyline and we all shared the adventures together. Now these adventures are shared with you, and we sincerely hope you enjoy them.


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